PS Vita Free App Rundown

The PS Vita is not just for gaming. There are a few apps on the PS Store and that come preinstalled on the Vita. These apps range from media to social networking. All of the apps out right now are free to download, with Sony’s Music Unlimited app being the only one requiring a subscription. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s out there so far!

Netflix – The Netflix app brings the Netflix Instant Watch library to your PS Vita. The Netflix app will currently only work when your Vita is connected to Wifi, so those with 3G/Wifi models can’t really use Netflix on the go. The picture quality is great on the Vita and the load times were pretty short.

Music Unlitmited – Sony’s subscription based streaming music service. There are over six million songs on Sony’s cloud based music service. The app itself is free, and Sony also offers a free trial, but even the trial requires your credit card info so they can bill you after it is over. Currently the plans sit at $3.99 a month for the basic plan and $9.99 a month for the premium plan.

Facebook – The Facebook app gives you a nice clean interface to access Facebook instead of using the web browser. The cool factor here lies in the Front and Rear touchscreen controls. The Rear touchpad allows you to scroll up and down the the pages in Facebook.

Paint Park – Paint Park allows you to draw either alone or with friends. I have yet to try the draw with friends option, but I can only imagine what would take place!

Skype – The PS Store’s latest addition brings Skype to your Vita. The Skype app allows you to use your Skype account to make or receive video calls, as well as, dial out using your Skype credits.

flickr – The flickr app gives you access to your flickr account. Pretty standard stuff here, upload and view your photos. It also has search functionality.

foursquare – Foursquare app lets you access your foursquare account. You can do all the normal funtions like check-ins, post statuses, and messages/comments.

LiveTweet – A Twitter client allowing you to connect to your Twitter account and tweet away.


All in all, the current app selection is a little thin. As the system continues to grow, I would expect the app selection to expand far beyond what it is now.


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