Medal of Honor BETA

The BETA was extended from the July 18th deadline – so if you have a PC, PS3, or Xbox and have preordered your copy of the game… enter your code at and gain access to the latest FPS rival to Call of Duty and Battlefield. If you have not preordered yet there is still time. Drop by Best Buy, Game Stop, Steam Store, or other video game vendors to claim your copy.

For those not aware of this game below is a video clip to give you a sneak peek – Enjoy!

Currently first looks of the game are amazing graphically… but being in BETA numerous issues still remain:

– Team parties do not guarantee you will play on same side as your buddies… only to join the same game.

– Hit detection appears off and firefights get frustrating at times.

– Clipping walls get your model stuck or see through all walls in the structure until you move again.

– Weapon damage balancing: Weapons need to be rechecked for better feel to make it closer to other current shooters. The little to no kickback makes it feel too arcade like and not a true immersing fight.

On the flip side there is a list of some very nice additions that have been implemented which gives this game some great ground.

– Visual aspects are amazing. The feel of the environment (excluding the clipping issue) pull you in and the players can utilize the terrain as cover creates a nice blend.

– Currently there are only a few maps available for this BETA but they appear to be well designed to create choke points and secondary routes to create good firefights between the teams. In addition to the layout there are static ammo/health creates positioned that can resupply your rations to continue the fight. The best thing about that is the way it was built in… you will see a weapon stash and not a simple glowing power up or requiring a friend to toss an ammo pack.

– Sounds are very important. Listening to the opposing team (English/Arabic) will help you detect their locations. In addition gun fight that you hear while playing allows you to locate a shooter even if you are around a building. The sound seems to be pulling for a high level of realism. I believe tactics will play major roles at times in the upcoming fights, utilizing sound as a major advantage in the fight.

That’s all I have from the front lines of this BETA. If you have some information or comments to provide related to this BETA feel free to comment below because we want to know what you think!


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