BETA Alert: Drawn To Death

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. It was too easy. But trust me, more thought has been put into this multiplayer arena shooter than my one-liners. The game takes place within the notebook lines of a bored teenager in class, and like most doodles of a hormone riddled adolescent, they are very disturbing. One eyed cats jump into a flying machine and tries to blow you up. Why? Because the deranged toad in a top hat told him to. Makes perfect sense to me. So naturally, you grab a JRPG and blow him to pieces, revealing his litter of sadistic kittens whose heads you have to blow off with the power of metal. This is only the tutorial.

The beauty is in it’s simplicity. Pick a character, pick some classic and wacky guns, and blow the ever-loving crap out of someone. There’s a small handful of maps, but plenty of scalability. There are unique takes on some old favorite game modes, like Organ Donor which is a bloody version of Kill Confirmed. Each character can be individually leveled up and decked out with new guns and skins. It’s a brilliantly balanced, balls-to-the-wall, hilarious shooter that will keep you entertained for a long time. This is a PS4 exclusive, and you can test your skills now by using this code in the PS Store:


Get out there and melt some skulls, you degenerates!



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