Eternal Senia

If you are looking for an JRPG that is easy to play without having to get bogged down with details and number crunching, look no further than Eternal Senia. Eternal Senia is a extremely simplified JRPG with an engrossing story and lots of action.

The most notable aspect of Eternal Senia is the lack of a combat system. To attack, you must bump into the enemy. In an instant, you will hurt them and they will hurt you based on your attack and defense stats. They are based on your level and equippable armor/sword. The weapons, armor, etc is found hidden around the area and can be crafted from items collected from the ground and optional dungeons/ boss fights. In addition, you have special magic spells that you will learn throughout the game. These use magic points that regenerate over the course of time, much like your hp will. The difficulty isn’t held back by this system. It starts from “impossible to lose” to “impossible to win” by the end. The combat system is complex enough to keep you engaged but simple enough to not have to spend lots of time figuring out the best combination of equipment for you.

Eternal Senia 2

The graphics and musical score are interesting enough. As it was made in RPG maker, the game is does suffer from the maker’s rigid level layout options. Fortunately, the levels do not follow usual theme cliches and serve up some unique areas. The music quality works. While it is not great, it is good enough to express each level’s feel. You will enjoy it while you scour for that last missing treasure chest but will forget the tune by the next day. These presentation elements work for Eternal Senia but ultimately can’t compete with the combat system or story.

Eternal Senia 1

The story is an excellent one. The creator has stated that it is heavily inspired by Ragnarok Online. You are Senia and have entered the Tower of Eternity to save your sister from falling into the clutches of a great evil that lurks there. Those who enter the tower seldom leave and those who stay go crazy. If you make it to the top of the tower, you are granted one wish. It is a story with great characters, filled with twists and revelations. By the end, I was genuinely invested and cared for these characters and their fates. As one reviewer put it, the game is free except for the cost of a box of tissues you will need because you get some feels.

Eternal Senia is a stand out game in a sea of RPG maker games. The story is gripping and won’t let you go until the end. The combat is extremely simplified and fun: a perfect fit for casual players who want to get into a good JRPG. Eternal Senia is a free PC game with talks of an Android release. You can download it here:


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