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We have come a long way since the first video games. We have evolved from 8 bit games in only a handful of colors to details so fine that they mimic reality. The way we played those games has also changed, from using a joystick and one or two buttons to a full blown arsenal of controllers of many shapes and sizes, motion sensors, keyboards and mice, and pressure pads. The first games had very little depth. As the technologies of gaming developed, the options have become practically limitless. Here we will be looking at the many different aspects of gaming, over-analyzing them, and then bringing those conclusions to our readers.

In Days of Old, we dropped much of our allowances into machines that flashed some lights at us and allowed us to escape reality for just a little while. In modern days, we have machines that fit into our hands that render graphics far superior to the machines that birthed them. This is a place for those Old Games to Grab new light. It’s the evolution of gaming as we take old consoles out of our closets and dust off machines that are hidden away in lost estates. This is the Lost Arcade Corner. Here we remember our past.


hidden gems

On a quest to highlight the “hidden gems” of gaming. This series takes a look at the lesser known but enjoyable titles out there to expose them to the light and the masses.


Going OfflineVideo game culture has been represented in all types of formats including books. Going offline will discuss digital entertainment in your analog media.