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By Joseph Sanford, August 9, 2016 0 Hidden Gems

If you are looking for an JRPG that is easy to play without having to get bogged down with details and number crunching, look no further than Eternal Senia.

By Joseph Sanford, May 3, 2016 0 Hidden Gems

Oftentimes, a port on a portable system gets overlooked for its console counterpart. And with good reason. They usually pale in comparison. Rayman for the Gameboy Color does not fall in this category. The main console game came out on… Read More »

By Joseph Sanford, February 29, 2016 0 Hidden Gems

Freedom Planet is a game that blends the best aspects of several classic Nintendo/Sega games, notably Sonic, Rocket Knight/Sparkster, Super Mario Bros 2, and Megaman. Freedom Planet started in 2014 as a Sonic fan game. The creator, Stephen Diduro, decided… Read More »

By Joseph Sanford, January 29, 2016 0 Hidden Gems

Many probably know about Earthbound. It was released on the SNES and tragically sold at a meager 140,000 units. With the inclusion of Ness in Super Smash Bros, the game got into the limelight, much like Fire Emblem. Due to… Read More »

By Joseph Sanford, November 20, 2015 0 Hidden Gems

Bullet Heaven or is it hell? Check out the latest Hidden Gem feature!

By Joseph Sanford, September 30, 2015 0 Hidden Gems

Check out the latest Hidden Gem called Presentable Liberty, a sad but intriguing title worth a look at.