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By Sebastian Schibelius, April 8, 2016 1 Magic the Gathering

We’ve had an interesting draft run with the last block. To those of you that drafted Battle For Zendikar, it was pretty much the norm. Go aggro with flyers, tramplers, and other evasion with some supporting removal. Oath of the… Read More »

By Sebastian Schibelius, April 7, 2016 0 Deck Lists

Those that remember Innistrad block probably remember some of the hard hitters such as , , and . While zombies, vampires, and humans had some serious powerhouses, werewolves didn’t quite have the synergy needed to be tier 1. Yes, they… Read More »

By Jason Putnoky, August 20, 2015 0 Magic the Gathering

New mulligan rule goes into effect at Battle for Zendikar prereleases. Get the details of the change here!

By Sebastian Schibelius, August 1, 2015 0 Deck Lists

This is a little deck concept I came up with. As it is so far untested, I decided to give it the name Boom or Bust, as it uses a lot of burn to Boom (in the case of a win) or the burn Busts (in the case of a loss).

By Sebastian Schibelius, August 1, 2015 0 Magic the Gathering

Introduction to our Magic: the Gathering section!

By Jason Putnoky, August 1, 2015 0 Card Games

Hidden Gamers expands to the world of card games. Check out the details of what will be covered initially and the plans going forward.